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The Hotel
Adam Schill is the oldest ancestor mentioned in the land register.

The entry from 1665 is mentioned in connection with the hostel Berghaus, which belonged to the court at that time (demolition 1907). Today it is known under the name Naturfreundehaus.
1665 - 1860 Stabhalterhof. Adam Schill was known as a steward (chief of staff: mayor's office)
1725 Stephan Schill. The farm had then about 37 hectares of land
1775 Sebastian Schill
1825 Mathias Schill

1860 First time Schmiederhof. Maria Anna Schill marries Andreas Schmieder
1860 Fire raising of
lovesickness by Josef Kapp from the Kapphof. Later second marriage of Maria Anna Schmieder after the early death of Andreas Schmieder with Michael Schmieder
1928 - 1947 August Baier takes over the farm
1928 Opening of the restaurant with gardening. Inside there were 40 seats and outside 60 seats. The farm becomes a popular excursion destination for hikers. The Schmiederhof becomes the Kohlenbacher Hof
1932 Second courtyard fire through a fire-place
1933 Parking lot for guests
1947 - 1979 Franz Baier takes over the farm with restaurant

1960 Construction of the large Freiterrasse
1978 Christel Gluminski b. Baier takes over the farm 1983 Conversion to the Hotel-Restaurant Kohlenbacher Hof with 18 comfort rooms with shower / WC, telephone, TV, balcony
2004 Andreas Gluminski takes over the parental enterprise 2004 partial renovation of the hotel rooms and the restaurant. New bathrooms and new carpet flooring Partial renovation: Renovation of the entrance and hotel hall

we make holidays
from 27.10.-06.11.2018
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